Raccoon dogs look very similar to raccoons but have no genetic similarities between them. They belong to the Canidae family, which are known to have distinct dog and wolf like characteristics and appearance. These animals are both carnivorous and omnivorous mammals.

They are monogamous and will mate for life. It is only if the mate dies or is killed, will the other search for a new mate. Two mates will hibernate in one den. During this period they will maintain close body contact to keep each other warm and will groom each other as well. This is a trait not practiced by canines, as dogs neither hibernate and nor are they monogamous in nature.

Tanuki face. *boops*

Also, thanks to those who took the time to read about my little…. kerfuffle.  And for your kind and supportive words.  I feel both a tad guarded now AND frustrated that I look back and still think I was being overly sensitive; which kinda speaks volumes about the state of things there. =\

I won’t flood my tumblr with heavy issues because of it now, but  can’t lie that the topic is fresh on my mind.  Just fyi.



Okay ladies and gents. If you absolutely must know the sex of someone in fursuit, this is not the only way it can be done, I assure you.

And this person is damn lucky they didn’t take the opportunity to do so.

Wow that is a really gross thing to say :T  Just, ew. 

And yea it doesn’t matter what the gender is of a costumed character is, especially in something like a fursuit where they might be 100% covered. It might be a really touchy subject for them. I always just call someone in costume by the gender of the character they are costuming until they correct me otherwise.  As then at least I am referring to them in character, which I know I myself do not have a problem with, what is why you are costuming yea?  (Also I dunno if the person is trans / neutral etc and maybe being in costume is one of the few times they can really feel like their real gender / present as it fully?)

Seriously? =\  *sigh*

When a non animator says “You just draw all day. That’s not a job.”




Yet you pay to see all those pretty drawing and eat popcorn.  So allow me to take a moment and correct your rudeness.




Be sure to check out the Awesomes’ “superhero auditions” happening all weekend! You could win a chance to be in the show! #comicconcountdown #theawesomes #sethmeyers #latenightseth #mikeshoemaker #sandiegocomiccon #sdcc #hulu #xboxlounge #comiconcraze #bentoboxent

Anyone at Comic Con?  Go do this.  I wanna see.

We didn’t even know of this and we make the show. XD

No means fucking NO. Deal with it.

Hey, tumblr.  What’s up.

I normally don’t delve much into my personal life, And I’m still not sure why I’m even sharing this… maybe validation, or awareness, or hell, likely just opening the floor to be laughed at.

But this is a harassment story. ^_^;

TL;DR-jump is easy to find after the cut if you want.  But I have legit things to say about it.  Thanks for listening anyway.

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whenever I say YOOOOOOO this is exactly what I’m imagining

This is the exact YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I use

when someone texts me this?  Yeah.


This is a Kabo! They are lazy, happy forest monsters who spend most of their time napping. They build elaborate soft sleeping nests on the forest floor, if you see leaves laid out on a spiraling circle pattern it is the work of a Kabo! Don’t disturb this nest while out camping or it will use it’s very sensitive nose to find you… and will poop in your shoes. Otherwise Kabo are pretty fun little critters, they like to play games and make a whistling sound when they laugh.


This Kabo is named Manute. She likes to go hiking and catch insects. She likes to eat apples and buttered roti bread!


This doll is hand made using cast urethane from original sculptures, with a hand sewn faux fur body. This doll is not articulated, it is a floppy style doll stuffed with eco friendly soft fiber stuffing and weighted to sit for display.

Kabo’s satchel is made from wool! There is a special gift in her bag for you.

 As with all of my original dolls, this piece will come with a signed and dated etched wooden tag marking it as one of my one of a kind critters.

13” tall seated.


This is a piece of artwork intended for adult collectors. It can be played with and cuddled a little but please treat it with care to prevent scuffs. Clean any cast parts with a slightly damp cloth, do not use solvents. Fur can be combed and styled if desired.


I do not take on commissioned work.

Lookit dose feeeeets <3


Zecora plush at Build-a-Bear

*heavy breathing*

I… I think I need this for reasons..!
If it weren’t web-exclusive… I’d make a thing of going to make one in costume, haha.

Also, while I am a plush maker myself and fiddling with a pony pattern… sometimes you just really want a nice looking plush of a fav character, haha.

Somebody seh aliens?

Somebody seh aliens?

Spending incredible effort to maintain a tan in Animal Crossing because everyone is stuck with the default character options.

lol, instigating.


Now that this little lady is in her new home, I can post pictures! La Catrina inspired plush made as a surprise for a friend. I’m really happy with how she turned out!

That little dress. X3



They… they are pretty cute. o:





Violent  protests rage as World Cup kicks off

Civilian protesters clash with Brazilian police in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and three other World Cup cities as FIFA events kick off. Protesters have been rebuffed by the police with rubber bullets and tear gas. An Associated Press photographer was injured in the leg after a stun grenade exploded near him. CNN reported on its website that two of its journalists were also injured.

About 300 protesters gathered in central Rio de Janeiro in another demonstration against the World Cup. Police started using tear gas and took a few protesters there into custody, as marchers took to streets to denounce lavish public spending on a sports tournament in a nation with profound social needs.

In Belo Horizonte, another Cup host city, about 200 protesters clashed with police at a rally against the event in a central plaza. Some demonstrators smashed the glass doors and windows of two banks. The protest has started peacefully but escalated, with the violence forcing at least one nearby hotel to shut its doors and ask guests not to go outside.

In southern Brazil, Porto Alegre, another host city, saw about 1,000 people gather for a protest against the Cup, with some breaking windows and hurling stones at police, authorities said. Black Block demonstrators smashed the windows of a few businesses, including a McDonald’s restaurant. Others tossed over garbage bins and set them aflame. A group started to march toward the city’s FIFA Fan Fest area, but police dispersed them with tear gas and rubber bullets.

About 150 protesters in the capital city of Brasilia were also scattered by police using tear gas and rubber bullets, according to the Estado de S.Paulo newspaper. Authorities confronted the demonstrators as they tried to march on the FIFA Fan Fest.

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No. You don’t understand. This game
forced countless Brazilians out of their home and resources taken from them as $11.5 billion dollars was spent on the world cup. So no it’s not completely a game. Not to the ones who suffered. The Brazilian Government made people suffer for this game.

They also forced people who had left the country to come back to Brazil and force them to stay there, making them unable to leave.


Now I dunno about you? But I have family down there. Family who had to leave the United States and be trapped back in Brazil.

So fuck you and your game.

Yeeeaahhh…. I’m noticing how this World-uniting sports event is sweeping this part under the rug. =\

I have a friend in Brazil who was worrying me with talks of riots about the Olympics and World Cup taking precedence over the well being of Brazilian citizens.  This is partially what fueled the giant protests last year.  Not sure what else to say, there.  Awareness is great, but… yeah.