Bumblebee and Bumblebee. :D Nifty Cardboard/Cloth/Clothespin Technology.

There. My Bumblebee cosplay. It’s actually one of my older ones (2010?) I pulled out this year because I didn’t get to make a NEW costume. D:  But I’m kinda sentimental of it because I did it on a TIGHT budget and with no sewing machine at the time. XD  I built this nifty little mechanism to make the wings hang right and able to spread (mostly so I could sit, but then it worked out to be character-accurate too, haha).

This person took photo #4 and apparently thought I was cute. :B *blush*
I can’t find my Zatana buddy’s name to link her. D: We met at the DC Universe shoot, tho.  EDIT (12/11/12): Found! There she is. :D
— That other Bumblebee is this person.